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While there are clear business benefits to hiring more diversely, including increased retention rates, lower interview to hire ratios and higher rates of voluntary self disclosure, many employers across the U.S. have yet to make a serious advancement in diversity and inclusion within the workplace.

For many, lack of progress stems from the challenge of not knowing where to start or how to effect change within set cultures and processes.

Luckily there are steps every one of us can take today to build momentum on the path towards creating a diverse workforce, and they don't cost a dime.


View this webinar and discover actionable tips for inclusive hiring that:

  • Are simple and easy to implement
  • Cost little to nothing
  • Raise diversity awareness
  • Create a culture of positive change

This webinar is hosted by Disability Solutions, a national non-profit consulting practice working with corporate leaders to leverage engagement of talented jobseekers with disabilities and in partnership with career.place, a talent evaluation solution that removes bias from the hiring process and enables diversity and compliance through their SaaS based solution.


Julie Sowash
Senior Consultant, Disability Solutions


Melissa Dobbins
CEO, career.place


Webinar: Tips for Inclusive Hiring

Building a culture of positive change one step at a time

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www.disabilitytalent.org  •  www.disabilitysolutionstalent.org